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Dotti Maher, Streets & Sidewalks Chair

New plans for the renovation of Triangle Park were presented at the November 12, 2018, regular meeting of the city council and unanimously approved.



Plans for the renovation of Triangle Park were discussed at the July 10, 2018, regular meeting of the city council. Funding was not approved.

Renovation of Triangle Park will be discussed at the July 10 regular meeting of the city counci. Below are three options to be considered:

1. Triangle Park Proposed Plan:  The submitted plans include a shelter, two benches, two bike racks, a drinking fountain, paver walkway, and new sidewalk along Koser. Other items include a trash receptacle, landscaping, and tree trimming.
Opinion of Costs - Total: $68,183.50

2. Triangle Park Reduced Scope – Phase 1 Plan:  The submitted plans for Phase 1 include a new shelter, one bench, paver walkway, sidewalk connections, and tree trimming.
Revised Opinion of Costs for Phase 1 - Total: $40,150 (reflects only the items to be built and installed in Phase 1)

3. Triangle Park Design was also created as part of Visioning Process 2016.

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