City of University Heights, Iowa
University Heights City Hall | 1302 Melrose Avenue, University Heights (Iowa City) 52246 | 319-337-6900

2017 Municipal Election

The City of University Heights will hold a municipal election on Nov. 7, 2017. All 5 city council seats are up for election, as will be the mayor's seat. Term of office is 2 years.

Candidates who filed for election


Louise From, incumbent

Nicholas Herbold Liesa Moore
Noah L. Hughes Silvia M. Quezada, incumbent
Jase Humphrey Melissa B. Roberts
Dorothy Dotti Maher, incumbent Jerry Zimmermann, incumbent
Filed candidates Erin Crocker and Kip Sheldon both withdrew from consideration prior to the Sept. 5th deadline and will not appear on ballot.
Ballot Issue (50% +1 required)

Shall the City of University Heights, Iowa impose a hotel and motel tax as provided by Iowa Code ch. 423A at the rate of seven percent (7%) effective January 1, 2018, upon the gross receipts from the renting of any and all rooms in any hotel, motel, inn, or public housing lodge and direct that fifty percent (50%) of revenue from this tax be used for the promotion and encouragement of tourism-related activities in the City and surrounding areas as provided by Iowa law.

The remaining revenues from this tax shall be directed as follows: a ) Ninety percent (90%) for neighborhood housing and infrastructure revitalization, including road repairs, neighborhood stabilization, and parkland or greenspace acquisition, maintenance, and operation ; and b ) Ten percent (10%) for any lawful purpose.