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UH Diamond Jubilee 1935-2010






University Heights Panels from Johnson Co. Historical Society MELROSE BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION 1934 Go to PEOPLE
Nate Moore Bldg. Construction 1947 UH 2nd Addition Building 1928-50   Go to History Detective
At the April 13, 2010 City Council meeting Rex Branstetter, from the Johnson County Historical Society presented Mayor Louise From with two 2x3' panels commemorating University Heights History. The panels will be displayed at the University Heights City Hall, 1004 Melrose Ave. Click on either panel to be taken to a separate page showing them in higher resolution.

Photo taken by Fred Kent entitled "Koser addition, Iowa City, Iowa, Nov. 15, 1929."

The road running across the picture horizontally is Golfview Ave.
The larger vertical road is Grand Avenue
The small road at the extreme left is Melrose Ave
Below Golfview you can just see the railroad tracks

Photo taken from newly constructed Iowa Stadium (Kinnick Stadium)

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Digital image courtesy of

The Frederick W. Kent Collection of Photographs, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa

Frederick W. Kent Collection of Photographs, 1866-2000, at the Iowa Digital Library

Nate Moore Bldg. 1947

"I stopped on the
bridge on my way
home from town
and took this of the
east side of Nate
Moore's new bldg.
Will get the other
side some afternoon -
There'll be an electric
shop - food store - 3
apartments; and
4 garages under it."

-Bess Fox, 1947

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A note on the photo on the right, above: sharp eyed reader, Del Richard, wondered if the photo isn't reversed, and is a shot of the EASTERN side of the railroad embankment (current Hawkeye Express train site). Since the picture is a scan of an original snapshot, the negative may have been reversed. Does anyone know if there ever were steps on the WESTERN side of the railroad tracks? Here is the reversed image: (click on the picture to enlarge it) 1

University Heights Second Addition, home construction 1928-1950

315 Golfview under construction, 1928
11 Glencrest under construction, 1948?
26 Prospect under construction, 1949?
310 Golfview under construction, Sept. 1, 1949
310 Golfview under construction, Oct. 1, 1949
310 Golfview under construction, Nov. 1, 1949
(Right) 205 Golfview,
home of the Garvy family circa 1950

Read Andy Garvy's reminisces about growing up in University Heights

Image on the left is the view from Golfview Ave. in 1928. The camera is facing East. The two buildings in the distance are University Hospital (left) and the Fieldhouse (right). At this time Finkbine golf course was located west of these two buildings. Kinnick Stadium was built the next year, in 1929.

Image on the right is 305 and 315 Golfview taken in 1929. 305 was built by Lee Koser, real estate developer and first mayor of University Heights.

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Image at left is from Golfview facing Southeast, Iowa Stadium (Kinnick) 1934

If you have any photos or memorabelia from the past 75 years in University Heights we would like to scan it and put it on the UH website.
Please contact:, city historian