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Proposed/Recent Ordinances before Council

All new ordinances and changes or amendments to current ordinances must be approved on three votes of the University Heights City Council.
Below are current proposals before council.

Community feedback is always encouraged regarding all proposals: CONTACT City Councilors/Mayor


Public Records Request Policy City Council met on 10/17/16 and adopted this policy. Go here for Public Records Requests Page

Ordinance 194 amdending ORDINANCE 79 to require a building permit for installation of paving of a particular size; to change the method for giving notice of Board of Adjustment meetings and the parties to whom such notice is directed; to increase the fee for variance and other applications filed with the Board of Adjustment; and to change the method for giving notice of proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance.
First council approval 10-11-16 with a 5-0 vote
Second council approval 10-17-16 with a 5-0 vote

Ordinance 193B establishing a conflict of interest policy.
First council approval 10-11-16 with a 4-1 vote
Second council approval 10-17-16 with a 5-0 vote

Ordinance 192 adopting 2015 Universal Building Code

Ordinance 191 Requiring developers to set aside park land or pay a fee

Ordinance 190 amending Ordinance 52 by creating a City Tree Board

Ordinance 189 providing for the division of taxes levied in the University Heights One University Place urban renewal area


PUBLIC HEARING scheduled for 2nd reading of ORDINANCE 188, and amending portions of ORDINANCE 79. Amending other sections concerning definitions for sensitive areas, enacting restrictions on development in such areas, and regulating water runoff created or increased by development.


ORDINANCE 188 amending Ordinance 79 amending number of units and parking spaces at St. Andrew Church site

Zoning Commission approves revised amendment request on 3/4/15 by a 3-2 vote
PUBLIC HEARING scheduled for 3-10-15 council meeting.
Due to citizen petition this must pass council with a four vote super majority.

First council approval 3-10-15 with a 5-0 vote
SECOND READING 4-14-15 council meeting

ORDINANCE 187 amending Ordinance 79 is adopted by council with collapsed 3 approvals


Public Hearing was held

Council will hold a public hearing on 3/10/15 amending Ordinance 79 if Zoning Commission completes consideration of amendment request from Maxwell Development


AMENDMENTS to Zoning Ordinance 79

At the 2/2/15 Council will discuss changed proposed by Zoning Commission.
Council will hold a Public Hearing regarding these changes on Feb. 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the Horn Elementary School library.
Council will vote on proposed changes at its February 10 meeting after the Public Hearing.

Ordinance 185 Regarding Farmer's Markets


At the May Meeting City Council will consider a proposed ordinance allowing Farmer's Markets. Proposed language is here:

Ordinance 185 ADOPTED 5/14/13

Proposed Changes regarding paving and parking in rear yards to the east of Olive Court.


At the March 2013 meeting Council held a public hearing regarding paving and parking. Proposed amended language is here

Ordinance 183 ADOPTED 5/14/13

First Approval 3/12/13.
Second Approval
Final Consideration

Proposed Changes regarding Fences to include Retaining Walls

Ordinance 184 ADOPTED 5/14/13

First Approval 3/12/13.
Second Approval
Final Consideration

Proposed Speed Limits


At the January 2013 meeting Council approved a first reading of ordinance 182 revising speed limits. The adopted ordinance differed slightly from what was circulated to citizens in December. The Municipal Planning Organization of Johnson County (MPOjc) recommended that dead end streets NOT be changed to 10 mph zones and council adopted a version of the ordinance that reflected their input. Below is the portion of the city attorney's report from the January council meeting that explains this issue, the MPOjc report and the language of the ordinance as approved by council.

Speed Zone Ordinance Information ADOPTED 3/12/13

First Approval 1/8/13.
Second Approval


Council Members Leff and Hopson met with city engineer Josiah Bilskemper and city attorney Steve Ballard to continue discussions about recommended changes to speed limits on certain city streets. Council Member Leff showed these recommendations to the Council on 11/13/12. The Council discussed the recommendations

CURRENT Speed Zones Map

PROPOSED Speed Zones Map

The committee has proposed that all secondary streets in University Heights be changed to 20 mph.  Most of the streets east of Sunset Street are already posted as 20 mph; the exception is Golfview.  For the sake of consistency, we suggest that Golfview be changed to 20 mph as well.  All streets west of Sunset are not posted at all; we suggest that they be changed to 20 mph again for the sake of consistency.  In addition, north-south streets west of Sunset have no sidewalks, so in consideration of the safety of pedestrians, we have proposed that they be 20 mph.  School zones on Oakcrest and Koser would remain the same.

The committee proposes that dead end streets, North Sunset and Prospect Place, be posted as 10 mph.  Those streets have no sidewalks.  We would also suggest that Mahaska Circle be posted as 10 mph because no sidewalks exist there as well.

Birkdale, Glencrest and two sections of George off Melrose and Koser would not be posted.  All of these are very short sections of street.

Leamer Court and Olive Court are currently posted as 10 mph; they were changed because of the construction at the end of both streets.  Once the construction has ceased, they would revert to 20 mph.

Tentative plans would be to have council make first consideration at the regular January meeting on 1/8/13. If passed then second consideration could occur at the 2/12/13 council meeting, and if approved, a final passage at 3/12/13 meeting.

Ordinance 181 revising Ordinance 55 regarding Pets

In summary, No. 181 makes the following changes:
• Defines “service animals”.
• Provides that dogs may not be unleashed and that all other animals (including cats) must be under control if they are off their owners’ property.
• Permits pets to be present at restaurants if the owners/managers of the restaurants permit them.
• Establishes a fine of $100.00 for violations of the ordinance, including failure to clean up pet excrement on public places.

Ordinance 181 ADOPTED 12/11/12
The proposed Ordinance No. 181 above reprints all of No. 55, and shows additions by underline and deletions by strike-through.

First Approval 10/09/2012
Second Approval 11/13/2012