Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan establishes a broad vision and guiding principles for a community, including goals and strategies related to development, preservation, infrastructure, and other investments. A comprehensive plan also considers certain aspects related to quality of life and character that define a community. The plan provides a general framework for the zoning ordinance and other policies and programs and is intended to guide decisions on planning and development issues as they arise. 


The process by which a comprehensive plan is developed allows community residents to express common community goals in a formal document. Once adopted by resolution, this document serves as a guide for decisions made by the University Heights (UH) City Council and Zoning Commission.

Update of University Heights Comprehensive Plan

University Heights is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan with the assistance of the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (MPOJC). An online survey was conducted in February 2019 and a public open house to discuss results of the survey and scenarios for future development in University Heights was held on May 1. A draft of the plan is available for public review.


The decision to revisit the University Heights comprehensive plan was prompted, in part, by the 2017 rezoning to allow development of the Marriott hotel. Discussion during Council deliberations raised new questions about what, if any, additional redevelopment would be appropriate in proximity to the hotel property.

Current Plan

The current comprehensive plan includes a number of goals and strategies that call for a wider range of housing options and promotes redevelopment and new development. However, with the completion or progress on the planned projects described above, the City Council believes now is an appropriate time to take stock of these changes and ask what, if any, additional development should be considered and how best to reinvest in or otherwise preserve what is best about University Heights.