Website Content Policy


The quality of information presented on the City website, hereafter called site, plays an important role in shaping a positive image of the City of University Heights, Iowa.


The Website Content Policy is intended to set the City's standards for representation within this medium. The policy seeks to enhance the City's mission by clarifying responsibilities of authors and encouraging accurate, useful, and attractive presentations of information.


The Website Content Policy applies to publication of all information related to the City of University Heights, Iowa, Internet site.

Policy 1

The site is for City business only. The following subject matter is considered inappropriate for the site:

  • References to political or religious issues or sites. Posts promoting voting are permissible.
  • Product or service endorsements or advertising.
  • Personal items for sale (i.e., house, boat, yard sale, etc.).
  • Links other than those authorized by Webmaster or Mayor.

Policy 2

All links must have direct relevance to the City and its citizens.

Policy 3

Links are permitted to U.S. or State of Iowa governmental agency websites as well as other websites maintained by or on behalf of national, state, regional, or local governmental or public educational agencies.

Policy 4

If a website or the website's sponsors are substantially engaged in commercial, political, religious, or unlawful activities, the City will not permit a link to the website.

Policy 5

The City reserves the right to reject any link it deems inappropriate. By including a link on the site, it in no way indicates an endorsement of that website or a verification of the information on that page.

Policy 6

Other websites are free to include links directing users to the site. Prior approval is not necessary. However, as a courtesy, the City would appreciate notification that a link to the site has been included on an outside site.

End of Website Content Policy.