Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Owners of private property are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of trees and shrubs located in the City right-of-way adjoining their property. The right-of-way (also known as the parking although it is not a legal place to park) is the space between the street and the property line.

Proper care and maintenance includes keeping trees and plantings on public and private property trimmed and pruned to:

  • allow free passage of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • not obstruct the view of any street intersection.
  • not obstruct traffic signs.
  • not obstruct or shade street lights.
  • eliminate dead/damaged/dangerous limbs.

Permission of the City is required before adding or removing trees in the right-of-way. For more information, email the City Clerk with details of your request.

Additional Guidelines

  • At street intersections, plantings more than 3 feet in height above curb level are restricted in a triangular area measured 25 feet along the right-of-way lines from the point of intersection. 
  • Hedges and other plantings must be located so that no part is within 2 feet of the street right-of-way line (property line).


Find more information, diagrams, and specific measurements in the Tree and Shrub Guide (PDF).